What Are The Advantages Of Having A Water Softener?

A water softener is the easiest way to soften the water by removing the minerals from the groundwater. Whenever the levels of calcium and magnesium are very high in the water. It creates so many problems in your organization or rather in your home.

  1. It increases the chance of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. As per WMA reports, there is a case study in 2005 that hard water increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. For the safety of your family water softener is a necessary product.
  2. It causes hair loss in the human body. Nowadays young people are facing the problem of hair loss due to hard water. For saving the beauty of your family you must go to a good company water softener.
  3. It causes many types of skin problems like pimples, red spots and it creates a chance of fungal infectious diseases. Hard water causes pimples and nowadays fungal infections are very common in the human body and day by day the cases of fungal infections are increasing. All these are causing because of bad water.
  4. Hard water also increases the chances of diseases like cancer and diabetes. There are a lot of investigations and case studies that have proven that hard water is one of the factors in diseases like diabetes and cancer.
  5. Hard water can affect the human body very badly When it is used regularly in cooking and bathing. Regular usage of hard water can cause many problems. One of the major problems is kidney stones if you regularly use hard water in your cooking then it can affect very badly to a human body.
  6. Regular deposition of salts on kitchen and bathroom taps and hard water damages the geyser and other kitchen appliances.

How Does The Water Softener Works?

A water softener is the means of the Ion-exchange process. In this process, the system uses resins with a chemical capacity to capture calcium and magnesium ions and remove them from water.

When resins captured calcium and magnesium ions, Two sodium(NA) Ions are released, its chemical properties produced salts with higher solubility avoids the hardness related problems.

Regeneration Of The System

The quantity of calcium and magnesium ions that the resins may retain is limited. Therefore, the water volume that can be treated by the softener is limited as well. The system must periodically carry out a process known as regeneration, which allows the resin top recharge with sodium Ions, so it can continue to soften water. In zebra water softeners we are having two types of regeneration process one is manually and the second is automatic.

3000 lph water softener

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