Commercial RO Plants​

Commercial RO Plants

The growth of Commercial RO systems is increasing rapidly for the past few years.  People are becoming aware for the need to have a water purifying system which can assure them in terms of heath, purity, and reliability. The age of boiling water and making it drinkable is becoming a thing of the past. In this revolutionary era where methods of purifying the water are upgrading day-by-day, Zebra Water System is a leading brand and perfect choice for Mineral water RO Plants. Zebra Water system  is continually providing its services for Industrial RO plants for last 7 years and has successfully delivered more then 1000 products throughout the nation. This makes us the proud name in water treatment sector with the mindset of achieving more and bigger milestones in future.

1000 LPH RO plant                                                                                                                   1000 LPH RO

                                                                                                               Zebra water system


Commercial/Industrial RO plants are the necessity for any commercial and industrial sector in modern time. This makes sure that your staff, employees and workers remain safe from unhygienic and unhealthy water. Therefore this makes the first priority for any business or enterprise to use a neat and reliable source or water and this makes us and our Commercial RO product considerable. 1000 LPH RO plant is our one of the hot-selling product in the market. The Water Purifiers we offer make water pure and drinkable. The systems are combined with high quality purification systems which purifies water with UV rays. Hence, this process strengthen the RO to eliminate any possible number of germs in no time and keep you and your home/company 


stainless steel 4000 lph RO plant
5000 liter per hour RO

Reverse Osmosis (commonly known as RO) is presently the most advanced technology for separating salt and other unpleasant elements from water at a relatively low cost. RO is a pressure capable technology which can operate at the  pressure of 1.5–12 MPa and along with cut-off limit of 0.1–1 nm, which is sufficient to eliminate all suspended solids, dissolved matters, and colloid from the liquid mixture.

RO follows the below mentioned process for purifying the water:

 1.  Water Intake

 2.  Pre-Treatment Of Water

 3.  High Pressure Pumping

 4.  Membrane Assembly

 5.  PH Adjustments

 6.  Disinfection


Types Of Commercial RO Plant

5000 lph RO plant

5000 LPH

10000 lph RO plant

10,000 LPH

20000 lph RO plant

20,000 LPH

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